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About Vault

Vault's ecosystem offers a broad range of features including VaultChain, our Layer 1 blockchain, Vault services for developers, Vault Pay for P2P and on/off ramp payments, multi-platform escrow for secure transactions, effortless OTC trades, and Vault’s privacy swap.

All powered by advanced technologies including natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

How to Buy $Vault


Connect your wallet.
Ensure you are on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Add $ETH to your new wallet by transferring from an exchange (ex. Binance) or purchase from your wallet.
Swap $ETH for $VAULT on Uniswap, or directly here using Flooz.


Select $VAULT and set your preferred payment method and currency
Connect your wallet (Metamask or Trust Wallet). Don’t Have one? Vault Wallet coming soon!

Vault Pay

Reinventing the way you transact

Vault Pay is a key component of the Vault ecosystem, providing easy conversion between fiat and $VAULT tokens. It's convenient, fast, and secure, enhancing the overall user experience.

VaultAI Escrow Bot

How Does the VaultAI Escrow Bot work?

VaultAI’s escrow bot is an service built on the blockchain, which implements distributed ledger technology and serves as an impartial middleman between transactional parties.
VaultAI Escrow is now available on Discord and Telegram!

Escrow Bot Architecture

BUYER() | | /START(Parameters: "Expected Delivery Time" | "Amount" | "Description for Expectations" | "Telegram id of Seller") | Backend-API(start a contract)>> Seller receives an invitation | with description regarding the | project | Fireblocks-get-deposit-address() | | Set-up-a-contract-object() | | Database[]

Vault Services

Are you a project interested in a specific utility? Vault has you covered.

Listing in Escrow
0.25 ETH
0.5 ETH
Fully built Chain
Full Package

Our Developers provide a fully interchangeable UI.


Vault Chain

Pioneering decentralized ledger solution that merges robust security with blazing speed, offering seamless chain integration.

Vault Pay

comprehensive payment solution, launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, facilitating seamless crypto transactions worldwide.


This includes a range of services such as a dedicated blockchain, staking options through a decentralized application and Telegram.

AI Oracle

AI-powered oracle will be implemented to provide real-time job updates, enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platform.

On/Off Ramp

An on/off ramp through Vault Pay and our Telegram bot, making it easier for users to move their assets into and out of the crypto space.

NFT Launch

NFTs tied to our ledger. Revenue generated from Vault Services will be shared with NFT holders